Sunday, November 9, 2008

MAME Conference 2008

Cindy: We just returned from our state school library conference where we presented our favorites from 2007 and 2008 (email one of us if you want the handout). It was fun to hear from all of the MAME members who are reading our blog--be sure to post a comment on a book you've read--or tell us about one we missed in our presentation! I have to relate the first event of the trip, and then will leave the rest for Lynn to share. The bell hop who brought our luggage to our room said he loves it when library conferences come to town. "I've never met a librarian I didn't like. You have to be a real piece of work to not get along with a librarian." Now, that's the way to start off a conference! The Dearborn Michigan Hyatt knows how to hire 'em!
Lynn: It's always so much fun to booktalk to other book fanatics - you can't get a better audience! We also attended some wonderful sessions including two presentations by the amazing Gary Schmidt. Gary is a marvelous presenter, entertaining, inspiring and always thoughtful. What a terrific storyteller too! He talked about a question that drives his writing: what begins the change from childhood to adulthood. I'm eager to go back and reread some of my favorite Schmidt books with this theme in mind. My favorite Schmidt book has to be The Wednesday Wars. What is yours?


PamL said...

I was one of the people who said I loved your blog -- and now here I am, writing a comment. Keep up the great work. I just wish I had more time for reading. I try to do double duty, doing audio books and print at the same time. Any comments you can add when you've read an audio book would be helpful (some are great, others range from so-so to terrible).

Also, can you guys put some more info on your "about me" part? I'm terrible with names, and I'd love to know who is who so I can say "hi" by name next MAME. Thanks for the book talk at MAME!

MBrodie said...

I'm a guy, but we think alike on this one. I'm ready to read it again!