Friday, October 31, 2008

Bats at the Library by Brian Lies

Lynn: A librarian leaves a window open and the word spreads fast - it's Bat Night at the library! Older bats, who obviously know their Dewey, fly right to their favorite shelves. Young bats play with the photocopier and make shadows on the wall with the overhead until the real fun begins. It's story time and a series of delightful images follow with bat-versions of our classic tales like Make Way for Ducklings and Winnie the Pooh that keep bats and readers alike spellbound until the sun begins to rise. Beautiful illustrations draw the readers into the joyous visit and the charmingly drawn bats may convince all of us to leave a window open now and then. A visual treat!
Cindy: This delightful book was a birthday gift from a friend (thanks, Deb!) and it just might be my personal favorite of the year. I collect books about books and libraries (making me a real nerd to my teen daughters) and this one is so much fun. I've enjoyed watching Lynn's twin grandsons eat up books and if they grew wings, they would be in the middle of all the bat fun. Happy Halloween from Bookends! I just ordered Bats at the Beach for my treat!